November 2023 Group Consulting

A review of recent research on 2024 priorities for businesses and how to leverage those findings.
Top Priority: Leader and Manager Development

Rosie spent some time unpacking recent research looking at 2024 priorities and why businesses need to rethink and reprioritize how they develop leaders and how that is translating to key business outcomes. This includes:

  • Having a PEOPLE development strategy where everyone is developed to show up as leaders
  • Moving beyond skills to strengthening the inner game of leadership and better equip people to navigate and lead change
  • Being intentional to move up Bloom’s Taxonomy to actually changing behaviors

We then discussed how to leverage these findings to break past silos and further partnerships and the critical areas for wellbeing integration.  To learn more about the research, read our blog: Why It’s Critical to Rethink & Reprioritize Leadership Development.

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