August 2023 Group Consulting

Discussion about how the world has moved from VUCA to BANI and what that means + new resources.

We discussed a new acronym that has been introduced to go beyond VUCA and incorporate the chaos that has emerged in recent years between the pandemic, climate change, civil unrest and more – BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear, Incomprehensible). There was some great discussion over how to apply this concept to help normalize our current environment and find a path forward, so you’ll want to watch this recording.

  • One resource that was mentioned is Kim Scott’s book, Just Work. There’s a short TED Talk she put out late in 2021 addressing biases in the workplace; you can watch it here.
  • Another resource that was mentioned is a No Ego Podcast episode where Cy Wakeman and Mike Robbins discuss new competencies of leaders that align with what was presented around how people need to lead in a BANI world; you can listen to it here.
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